Brick and Enter Zombie King

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If there was any movie that I would ever enjoy burning, it would be ‘Enter Zombie King.’ It comes down to everything; the acting, the camera angles/shots, the sound, the directing and cinematography. This film shows exactly how not to make a good film on a low budget. Some people would argue that the film is ok in regards to its low budget. However, in a comparison with the film ‘Brick‘ one would have to suggest that ‘Enter Zombie King’ lacked in many areas. Even though ‘Brick’ had a larger budget that budget was used wisely and effectively taking in mind that their budget was still very small.

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It is clear to anyone that in the development stages of Enter Zombie King, the film was not clearly conceptualised, planned or allocation of the budget in specific areas. On the other side, when viewing Brick you can feel and see through the film that it had been clearly thought out and conceptualised. Though I would have to agree Brick had a better script, so did too Enter Zombie King yet failed to follow through in the acting.

Enter Zombie King had organised great locations to film in but they again failed to follow through with cinematography and directing of the shots (front on in your face home video style shooting not good!). Acting in the film was absolutely nowhere near to a satisfactory standard, where a lot of unneeded pauses were evident and general movement in the scenes including the fighting choreography lacked in realness. You most well go see a wrestling match instead of watching this poorly put together film. The score of the movie sounded like a cheap Nintendo video game and during the postproduction of the film the editor could have cut the scenes and shot more closely together for a sense of flowing-ness. For future film makers though, it is a good lesson in not what to do in making low budget film.

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Brick was an escape and quite a relaxing film to watch. Since the film had been thoroughly thought out from the development and preproduction stages, with well known and good locations, the production of the movie had a big effect on the finished product. The acting, cinematography, scenes, artistic feel of the film topped anything of Enter Zombie King. Everything was well visualised with great locations and a vast array of different camera angles and shooting styles with nice lines in each shot, made the film have an artistic feel which helps capture the audience and making it easy to watch. Even though not many extras were used in the film having just a few actors on the screen gave it an empty feeling of sadness and conspiracy which added to the mood of the film. Postproduction of the film, including the score, background sounds (foley), and editing and filtering was well done. The score matched the mood, and editing was well put together.

Overall, Brick gets the thumbs up and Enter Zombie King can burn.


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