My favourite movie

I have so many favourite films, but if I had to choose one it would be from Sean Penn’s Into The Wild. Such a great film with nice wide beautiful scenic shots with a great solid story to tell. I’m not anti Hollywood or anything but I really believe that a good film has to tell a story, a good story, and be somewhat realistic and something that we can relate too. I also like the Australian film Wolf Creek. It had awesome cinematography and good locations and was directed really well given that it was the directors first feature film.


John Jarratt in outback horror film Wolf Creek.

John Jarratt in outback horror film Wolf Creek.

Last year in 2007 I was living in Japan going to University and working part time as an actor. I was fortunate enough to work with some very creative and inspiring directors cinematographers and all kinds of people. My favourite Japanese film would have to be Sugar and Spice (and also another one, but forgot the name). The locations used in the film really captures the mood and helps add to the feel of the story. The acting in both films was really good and artistic work in the film has to be commended. Have had the chance to work on films like these (as an actor and backstage staff) you really get to appreciate the work people do. There are some amazing people out there.


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