Speed Racer

Speed Racer, though a little hard to sit through, had a rather comical side to it. Adapted from the animation Speed Racer, it was formerly contrived from the original Japanese version Mach Go Go Go. Both the anime series and the movie was action packed with technology and danger. The plot follows the world of an ambitious young man who falls in love with racing and becomes a professional racing car driver like his brother.

The original version

The original version

Because the film was based on a cartoon animation the conceptualisation of the story for the directors of the movie was already set out. However the only challenge for them was to add the watchability characteristic of the film so that it could be enjoyed in modern day. The use of computer generated animation and a lot of green screen effects the directors of the film have pulled of a somewhat believable movie (though this may be due to darkening the lighting to cover up rendering in animation). Though as an animation one could suggest that the film was not just targeted at the younger generation but also the past lovers of the old version of the cartoon.

The directors of the film The Wachowski Brothers like in many of their other films tend to follow a centre style and genre. You could say it was a textbook style storyline (sympathetic character, urgent difficult problem, bad odds against major problem, the crisis of the last chance to win and the problem solved by the central character). Just like in their other films like the Matrix (most closely related with CG animation) and Assassins, they almost always are centralized around a central character that has to overcome this difficult problem (good guys vs. the bad guys theme). Though some people may Speed Racer is not as good as their other films, one must take their hats off to the actors with most of the film done with green screen.

Because Speed Racer was an animation prior to becoming a feature film the Wachowski Brothers were somewhat limited in the way the story could be tuned and directed keeping in mind that changing the way the film may turn off previous lovers of the cartoon. Yet I suggest they stick to films like the Matrix and Assassins.


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