West World

West World though somewhat an old film it has the potential to entertain and gives a sense of nostalgia. The structure of the film follows the structure of the ‘3 Act Structure’ and one could suggest that it is a perfect example of the fundamental way to scriptwriting.

Act 1 – who, what where
Act 1 sets of with a reporter asking people about their holidays in the worlds. It acts as an advertisement for people to get out of their everyday lives and live in a superficial world where the guests are holidaymakers and the people living in the world are not actually human but machine/robot droids replicating every minor detail of that of a human (except for the hands of course). The story moves along with two men that are taking a holiday to ‘West World’ where they become cowboys again.

Plot point 1
It is at plot point 1 where the malfunction problem of the droids is revealed to the audience. It is at this stage where the real problems begin to start.

the malfunctioning droid

Gunslinger: the malfunctioning droid

Act 2 – Pinches and half way point
In Act 2 the audience is shown the rebellion of the machines/droids as one of them (Gunslinger) retaliates and returns to search and kill one of the two men. It is the confrontation part and the first pinch in Act 2 of the film. The half point of the film shows a snake biting one of the main characters. It shows the audience that the machines have now lost control.

Plot point 2
Here is where the droid (gunslinger) that already has been killed twice has come back and hunted down the two main characters. It is here that the droid actually kills one of the main characters. This is not supposed to happen and this now leads into the resolution where the other main character tries to escape death from the droid.

Act 3 – Resolution
Here in the resolution in the film is where the alive remaining character runs from the machine and tries to escape death. The remaining character runs through other worlds and discovers that everyone is dead. He tries to kill the machine with acid but the machine comes back. He then kills the machine with fire and the machine dies eventually.


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